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Resources For Interpreters and Translators















Sources For Purchasing Materials In The U.S.



Berkana Language Center – Products


InTrans Book Services, Inc. 

(specializing in English/Spanish/Portuguese  dictionaries – thousands of titles)

Kinderhook, NY 12106

(515) 758-1755  - 1-800-823-4166


John Benjamins Publishing Company

Many excellent books on translation and interpretation

Philadelphia, PA 19118

215-836-1200 (phone) companies





(Spanish and English)



Introduction to Court Interpreting (non-language specific)

Self-Study Materials for Interpreters

M. Eta Trabing, 2008,  171 pp. – Updated and revised

Specifically for the Legal System in the U.S.

Berkana Language Center - Products


Manual for Judiciary Interpreters (English ® Spanish)

Specifically for Courts in the U.S., from municipal to federal

M. Eta Trabing, 2008, Third edition. 736 pages

also available in CD-ROM

Berkana Language Center – Products


Illegal Drugs Terminology for Judiciary Interpreters (English ® Spanish)

M. Eta Trabing and Alex W. Trabing, 2010, 293 pages

also available in CD-ROM and in English only (159 pages)

Berkana Language Center – Products


Municipal and Justice of the Peace Court Interpreters’ Manual (English ® Spanish)

M. Eta Trabing, 2009; 300+ pages

also available in CD-ROM

Berkana Language Center – Products


Butterworth’s Legal Dicctionary (2 volumes - English «Spanish)

Guillermo Cabanellas de las Cuevas and Eleanor C. Hoague, 1990

1363 pages (excellent)


Bilingual Dictionary of Criminal Justice Terms (English « Spanish)

Virginia Benmaman, N. Connolly and Scott R. Loos

Gould Publications, 1991

199/300 State Street, Binghamton, NY 13901-2782


Diccionario de Términos Jurídicos (Inglés-Español « Español-Inglés)

Enrique Alcaraz Varó y Brian Hughes

3a edición, 1995. Editorial Ariel - Barcelona

ISBN: 84-344-0506-7


Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business

Thomas L. West III – 1999 – 319 pp.

Protea Publishing – 2855 Piedmont Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30305


Black's Law Dictionary (English only)

West Publishing Co.  (the major source for legal terminology - frequent updates)

P.O. Box 64526, St. Paul, MN 55164-0526


West's Legal Thesaurus / Dictionary (English only)

William Statsky, 1985 -

West Publishing Co.


A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage (English only)

Bryan A. Garner – 1995 – Second Edition

Oxford University Press


Law Dictionary (English only)

Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

250 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788


Diccionario Jurídico Elemental (Spanish only)

Guillermo Cabanellas de Torres, 1988

Editorial Heliasta SRL

Viamonte 1730, Buenos Aires 1055, Argentina


Diccionario Jurídico (Spanish only)

Juan D. Ramírez Gronda, 1988

Editorial Heliasta SRL

Viamonte 1730, Buenos Aires 1055, Argentina


Diccionario de Ciencias Jurídicas, Políticas y Sociales (Spanish only)

Manuel Ossorio, 1987

Editorial Heliasta SRL

Viamonte 1730, Buenos Aires 1055, Argentina


Simultaneous Interpretation Training Materials

M. Eta Trabing, 2007

2 hours of practice CDs with scripts

Berkana Language Center  (Products)



P.O. Box 7485 - Spreckels, CA 93962 - (408) 455-1507 - Fax (408) 455-1541

- The Interpreter's Edge

- The Interpreter's Companion

- The Interpreter’s Rx


Sight Translation Training Materials, Volume I (non- language specific)

M. Eta Trabing, 2008, 228 pp.

Berkana Language Center  (Products)


Fundamentals of Court Interpretation: Theory, Policy and Practice

Roseann González, Victoria Vásquez and Holly Mikkelson, 1991

650 pp, hardback 

Carolina Academic Press

700 Kent St., Durham, NC 27701


The Practice of Court Interpreting

Alicia B. Edwards, 1995

Benjamins Translation Library -John Benjamins North America

P.O. Box 27519

Philadelphia, PA 19118-0519 USA

193 pages. Paperback ($25.00) with extensive bibliography in back


Manual for Community Interpreters (English-Spanish)

M. Eta Trabing and Yasmin Wurts Metivier – 2003 – 216 pp.

Text book for self-study and numerous glossaries

Berkana Language Center  (Products)


Manual for Interpreters in School Settings (English-Spanish)

Yasmin Wurts Metivier and M. Eta Trabing – 2007 – 216 pp.

Text book for self-study, glossaries and forms used in US schools

Berkana Language Center  (Products)


Dictionary of Foods and Cookery

English to Spanish, with Latin binomials, and Reference Section Spanish to English

M. Eta Trabing,  2001 – 364 pp.

Berkana Language Center  (Products)


Pan-American Livestock Dictionary (English ® Spanish)

M. Eta Trabing, 1996 – 421 pp.

Berkana Language Center  (Products)


Other Sources to Consult


Fundamental for English & Spanish Translation

M. Eta Trabing, 2009, 194 pp.

Berkana Language Center  (Products)


Running your T/I Business from Home (non-language specific)

M. Eta Trabing, 2009; 77 pages

Berkana Language Center  (Products)



·       General monolingual and bilingual dictionaries

·       Thesaurus

·       Synonyms / Antonyms

·       Grammar books

·       Style books

·       Verb conjugation books (501 or 201 verbs in Spanish)

·       Atlases - Maps 

·       Holy Bible - La Santa Biblia

·       Weekly news magazines

·       News broadcasts

·       Public libraries

·       US Government Printing Office

·       Encyclopedias

·       Legal text books



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(Spanish and English)



The Oxford Spanish Dictionary / El Diccionario Oxford

English Û Spanish

Oxford University Press, 1994

ISBN  0-19-864510-4


Oxford Spanish Dictionary – CD-ROM

The Talking Spanish Dictionary - 2003

ISBN 978-0-19-860683-3

Oxford University Press


Diccionario de uso del español – CD-ROM

María Moliner – 2­ª  edición – 2001

Editorial Gredos – Madrid


[e-diccion@rios espasa] – CD-ROM

Lengua española – Inglés-Español – Francés –Español

Sinónimos, antónimos, argot, citas, dichos y frases hechas, refranes

Espasa Calpe, S.A. – 2000

ISBN 84-239-7011-6


Larousse - Diccionario Moderno Español Û Inglés

Ediciones Larousse

572 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036


Glossario Internacional para el Traductor (Spanish Û English)

Marina Orellana, 3ª edición, 1990

Editorial Universitaria

Santiago, Chile


Barron's Business Guides: English only, encyclopedic (excellent!)

  • Dictionary of Mathematics Terms

  • Dictionary of Computer Terms

  • Dictionary of Insurance Terms

  • Dictionary of Advertising and Direct Mail Terms

  • Dictionary of Accounting Terms

  • Dictionary of Business Terms

  • Dictionary of Medical Terms

all from: Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

250 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788


Diccionario de la Lengua Española (Spanish only)

Tomos I y II - 21º edición

Real Academia Española, 1994

Editorial Espasa Calpe, S.A.

ISBN 84-239-9201-2 (Tomo I)

ISBN 84-239-9202-0 (Tomo II)

also available in CD-ROM


Pequeño Larousse Ilustrado, 1982 (Spanish only)

Ramón García-Pelayo y Gross

Editorial Larousse

572 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036


The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Spanish Û English Dictionary

Clarendon Press, Oxford, England, 1985


The MacMillan Visual Dictionary (Spanish/English Edition)

Natalie Chapman – Publisher -  1997

Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company - NY

ISBC 0-02-861434-8


Pequeño Larousse de Ciencias y Técnicas (Spanish only)

Ilustrado y enciclopédico, 1967

Editorial Larousse

572 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036



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(Spanish and English)



McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms

2nd or 3rd Edition, English only, 1978

Encyclopedic explanations, excellent

McGraw Hill Book Company


Glossary of the Petroleum Industry

Second Edition English Û Spanish

PennWell Books

PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Diccionario Politécnico de las Lenguas Española e Inglesa

2 volumes -  Español ® Inglés - 1a edición, 1988

Inglés ® Español - 2a edición, 1997, 1543 pages

Federico Beigbeder Atienza

Ediciones Díaz de Santos, S.A.

ISBN: 84-7978-299-4



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(Spanish and English)



Anatomy-Physiology for Interpreters in Health Care (and the Courts)

M. Eta Trabing – 2nd edition – 2007

Texts in English and Spanish, anatomical drawings with bilingual text, 4 different glossaries,

     Latin/Greek roots, suffixes and prefixes

Berkana Language Center  Products

Also available in English only, Spanish only and in CD-ROM


Diccionario Médico Ilustrado de Melloni

Spanish only (with some English)

Dox Melloni Eisner, 1982

Editorial Reverté, S.A., Encarnación 86, Barcelona, España


Melloni's Illustrated Medical Dictionary

English only (great drawings in both)

Biago John Melloni, 1982

The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore MD


Diccionario Medicobiológico University

English ® Spanish (a short section Spanish ® English), 1966

Editorial Interamericana, S.A.

Cedro 512, México 4, D.F., México


Diccionario Terminológico de Ciencias Médicas

13a. edición - Masson, Salvat

Ediciones Científicas y Técnicas S.A.

Avda. Príncipe de Asturias 20, Barcelona, España


Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

Edition 15,  English only

F.A. Davis Company, Philadelphia


Diccionario Médico de Bolsillo (Spanish only)

Dorland, 1989 paperback - 23ª edición

Interamericana McGraw-Hill, México


Diccionario McGraw-Hill de Biología

English ®Spanish  - traducción de la primera edición de

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Biology

McGraw-Hill/Interamericana de México, S.A.

Atlacomulco 499-501, Fracc. Ind. San Andrés Atoto

53500 Naucalpan de Juárez, Edo. de México, México



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InTrans Book Services (specializing in bilingual dictionaries) 

Kinderhook, NY 12106

(515) 758-1755


John Benjamins Publishing Co. (excellent books on translation and interpretation)

P.O. Box 27519, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0519


T.R. Books (Spanish language book distributor)

822 N. Walnut, New Braunfels, Texas 78130

1-800-659-4710 - fax 210/ 620-0470


Dictionary Store

610 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10020

212/ 581-8810



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El Anillo [The Ring]

Video DVD (English) -- A must see video for anyone interested in doing business with the new Hispanic/Latino immigrant.

Panoltia Interpreter Training Products


Cómo Trabajar En Dos Culturas  [Working In Two Cultures]

2 CD Set (Spanish)  Spanish language audio program for Latino immigrants working in the United States.

Panoltia Interpreter Training Products


Managing In Two Cultures
2 CD Set (English) -  This two hour audio program was developed for people who manage or supervise Hispanic employees.
Panoltia Interpreter Training Products



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CLAS (Culturally and linguistically Appropriate Services in Health Care) Standards

US Department of Health and Human Services

The Office of Minority Health


Barahona Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents

Quality literature in Spanish and books in English about Latinos for children and adolescents. 

Center for Applied Linguistics

Provides a directory of two-way bilingual immersion programs in the United States.

League of United Latin American Citizens

Advancing the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population in the United States


Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and Educational Fund

Non-profit Latino litigation, advocacy, and educational outreach institution

Mexico On-Line

Listing of Mexican Consulates in U.S. and Canada as well as general information regarding Mexico

National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE)

Visitors to the NABE site can stay up-to-date on advocacy issues and current research on bilingual education. 


National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition and Language Educational Programs

Collects, analyzes and disseminates information relating the effective education of linguistically and culturally diverse students in the United States

National Council of La Raza

Private, non-profit, bi-partisan organization focused on reducing poverty, discrimination, and improving opportunities for Hispanic Americans

National Education Association

Listing of bilingual book titles which are available in both English and Spanish editions


National Hispanic Institute

Youth leadership organization crafting new thoughts, new strategies, new leaders for the 21st century Latino community.

Pew Hispanic Center

Research institute which chronicles Latinos’ diverse experiences in a changing America

The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute

Conducts and disseminates policy-relevant research on key issues affecting Latino communities

University of Southern California Center for Multilingual and Multicultural Research

Provides a base for those interested in multilingual education, English as a second language, and foreign language instruction, multicultural education and related areas.

Spanish language page


Links to numerous dictionaries and other information for translators


On-line dictionaries and glossaries


Multilingual Internet guides and resources:


The Goodwill Community Foundation has a great site in Spanish to teach people English, math, living skills, etc.


Good site for new immigrants (English and Spanish)


Herramienta ideal para aprender y para repasar diversos temas y asignaturas con diversos niveles de dificultad y aptos para todos los niveles.


Create your own flash cards


Diccionario de Falsos Cognados

Autora: Luisa Fernanda Lassaque

From the Mexican government:

This site has great information on educational resources, check out the virtual library and museum tours. Great place to read Mexican Spanish



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US Department of Health & Human Services


List of acronyms for HHS


Glossary of terms used in DSS


Official website of the Social Security Administration (English - Spanish)

SNAP (formerly food stamps), Social Security, Retirement, Disabilities, Medicare, WIC and others


Disabling conditions


General information about words and terms associated with aging, disability or long-term care.


Child Protective Services (FQA’s)


Child Protective Services Guide for Parents (English-Spanish)


Basic medical terminology and common diseases


Kids Health (English - Spanish) with audio



Information about topics such as autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, mental retardation, and vision impairment


Health information - English - Spanish


Disabilities in Spanish


National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (English – Spanish)


Adult Developmental Disabilities –Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (English - Spanish)


Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Program (English -Spanish)


Migrant Head Start Glossary (English-Spanish)


Mental health publications (English-Spanish)


NC-DHHS mental health services


Breaking the Silence – Training Manual (English – Spanish)


Domestic Violence (English -Spanish)


CDC National Immunization Hotline

Spanish 800-232-0233

English 800-232-2522

Provides information on immunizations Monday-Friday 8 A.M to 11 P.M.


National Center for Farmworker Health   


This is a clearinghouse to assist health care providers serving migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Offers a free newsletter and low cost videos.


Migrant Clinician's Network


Serves as a resource on clinical issues for providers of health services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers.


Call for Health

800-377 -9968

Provides Spanish/English referral information on available health care resources for migrant famrworkers throughout the United States.


National Hispanic Prenatal Hotline  


Provides assistance in locating health care in the area of the caller. Free written information on subjects such as immunizations, prenatal care, breast-feeding,pregnancy, etc.


Domestic Violence Hotline


Provides English/Spanish short-term crisis counseling and problem-solving services 24 hours a day, and makes referrals for local counseling and shelter services.


National Homeless Hotline


Provides information on location of nearest shelters


National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICCHY).

information in English and Spanish about disabilities, special education, and related laws.


Substance Abuse - Alcohol and Drug Council


Provides information and referral services regarding substance abuse


CDC National AIDS Hotline 1-800-344-7432

24-hour English/Spanish hotline providing information about HIV infections and makes referrals to HIV and AIDS service organizations.


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The following books can be downloaded (English/Spanish)

  • How to be an Education Advocate

  • Basic Education Rights and Opportunities in Public Schools

  • Protecting the Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in Public Schools

  • Brochures: Participate in your child’s education – bullying at school – How does a school district work 


Education Dictionaries and glossaries


Acronyms for Education


IEP samples


Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning


Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Terms:

Dictionaries, Glossaries and the NECTAC Acronym List


Developmental disabilities (English and Spanish)


To improve skills (memory, attention, focus, speed, etc.)


How to take notes


Educational resources in Spanish


Migrant Education Hotline


English/Spanish assistance with questions relating to education.



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