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School Interpreting - Level 1

6 Week On-line Seminar Series



Learn all of the basic skills, techniques and ethics you need

to become a skilled School Interpreter!





This seminar is available to groups only. Contact Us for details and pricing.




This is not your traditional webinar. Click here to see what makes Panoltia online training so effective.



There's more to interpreting than simply being bilingual - much more!


Besides being bilingual, the interpreter must:

  • Be able to communicate across the wide variety of linguistic variations

  • Be able to work across cultures

  • Be able to effectively use a variety of interpreting skills and techniques

  • Be proficient in listening techniques

  • Be proficient in note-taking techniques

  • Understand and abide by the ethics involved in all interpretation situations.

  • Understand the terminology required for a wide variety of situations.

  • Know the terminology specific to education

An interpreter who lacks any of this knowledge or these abilities is simply not equipped to do the job.


This online seminar series is a complete, hands-on, interactive learning program for bilingual (English / Spanish) people who interpret in school settings.


Co-developed by your instructor, Yasmin Wurts Metivier of Panoltia, and Eta Trabing of the Berkana Language Center, this program is based on more than 50 years of professional interpreter and interpreter training experience. It is the standard for interpreter training for educators.


You will learn:

  • The Role of the Interpreter

  • Consecutive Interpreting Techniques

  • Basic Interpretation Skills and Techniques

  • Note Taking Techniques

  • Memory Techniques

  • How to Handle Difficult Interpreting Situations

  • How to Prepare Yourself to Interpret

  • The Interpreter’s Code of Ethics

  • The New Immigrant Belief System

  • Cultural Differences that Affect Students' Success

  • Latinos / Hispanics in the American School System

  • Incorporating Cultural Differences to Improve Communication

  • Terminology Used in Education Settings

  • And Much More


Series Outline


Week 1

Module 1

Introduction to Interpreting

Interpreter Skills Overview


Module 2

Types of Interpreters

Modes of Interpretation

Week 2

Module 3

The School Interpreter

Interpretation techniques


Module 4

Listening Techniques

Techniques for Consecutive Interpretation

Week 3

Module 5

Note Taking Techniques

Memory Development


Module 6

Interpreter Code of Ethics

Week 4

Module 7

Latinos in Education


Module 8

The Exceptional Student

Special Education Scenarios, Including IEP Meetings, Permission to Test, etc.

Week 5

Module 9

Common Phrases Used in Educational Settings

Idiomatic Expressions and Proverbs


Module 10

False Cognates

Interpreter Practice: IEP Checklist and 504 Plans, FAQ's

Week 6

Module 11

Sight Translation - English/Spanish

Sample 504 Plans


Module 12

A Parent's Guide to the Special Education Process





Instructor: Yasmin Wurts Metivier


Yasmin holds a 1-A Master Court Interpreter Certification from the Administrative Office of the Courts in North Carolina. Click here to learn more about her background and qualifications.



Participant Prerequisites:


Participants must be bilingual (English/Spanish).



 What you will need:

  •  A computer with high speed internet access

  •  A webcam, a microphone, and headphones or ear buds*


* Important Note - External speakers cannot be used for interactive webinars because they cause feedback, a type of sound distortion. Headphones or ear buds eliminate this problem. For comfort and the best sound we recommend good quality cushioned ear buds.



Materials Included:


Each participant recieves an Interpreter's Handbook and a Glossary of School Terminology - a $50 retail value






This training is available to groups only and is not offered to the public for individual registration. If you are interested in bringing this program to your group anywhere in the United States please contact us for details and pricing.



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